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What is involved in the Water Sampling:

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If your water is supplied by a private well, you alone are responsible for the safety of that water supply. Testing your water will help you ensure that the water is safe and suitable for drinking, identify any existing problems with the water, and track changes in the water quality over time.


  • Well water should be tested if there is any noticeable change in water quality (taste, color, odor, etc.), and any time repairs are done to any part of the water system (well pump, pressure tank, treatment system, household plumbing.).


  • It may look crystal clear, but is the water potable? If you’re buying a home with a well as its main drinking water source, you need to know the water is safe to drink.


  • Well water should generally be tested for bacteria, nitrates, sand, turbidity and pH. VA lenders require additional testing for iron, and FHA-insured loans require additional testing for nitrites and lead.




How do I know what to test for?


  • We generally recommend, at a minimum, a basic bacteria and chemical test. This tests for Total Coliform and e. coli bacteria, nitrates + nitrites, sand, turbidity, and pH. The EPA provides recommendations for what tests to have done to address specific water quality problems on their site, at


  • Your county's health department may also be able to tell you about water quality concerns in your area.




Why use a Certified Sampler?


  • If the water testing results are going to be submitted to a regulatory agency (MDE, EPA, County Health Department, financial institution), it is required to have a certified sampler come out and take the sample. This gives you a more complete chain of custody, and is required for official testing that may need to be defended in court.


  • The results are usually ready within five business days, but may take longer for some tests. We will mail, email, results to the address/number you provided when the sampling was scheduled. We can also send results to a 3rd party (real estate agent, health department, MDE, etc.) at your request.

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